Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Life - Think It Tuesday

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To Love is Madness

Its Date Night!!! I like to keep it Simple but Still Sexy.

The Dress is Simple so Add a Skinny Belt to accentuate your Waist and to add some flare to the outfit. A Gorgeous Strappy Heel can make anyone feel like a Million Bucks. I chose a Stunning Gold Heel to match the Skinny Belt and pull the whole outfit together. A facet Braclet & a Simple Clutch Adds the Finishing Touches.
If you're looking for a Guideline try sticking to 2 Colors, Your Base Color & Your Accentuating Color. Your Base Color is the Color of your Clothing ie. Dress, Blouse, Skirt, Pants etc. Your Accentuating Color would be your Accesories & Shoes.
Tip : Keep your Base Color within its Family. If you're wearing a Light Blue Top, Go for a Shade Darker Skirt or vice versa.

My Advice, Wear whatever makes you feel Confident & Sexy. If you Feel Sexy... You Look Sexy... If you Look Sexy... It's going to be a Great Date Night for the Both of You!

To Love is Madness

H M see through dress
$24 - hm.com

Stretch bracelet
$14 - diva.net.au

2b brown woven belt